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About GRLZradio

Our Mission

Summer 2015 Peer Leaders preparing for a live show

GRLZradio is a unique, after-school, summer youth leadership and development program. This youth employment program utilizes broadcast journalism as a catalyst for change, as our teens develop and produce their own fun, informative, and socially-conscious radio shows. Additionally, program participants are trained and mentored by our staff in workshop facilitation, covering topics such as media literacy, violence prevention and healthy relationships. These workshops are presented to youth in community organizations to raise awareness and alliance about
such important issues. Our program builds job skills, self-esteem and leadership capacity by training more than 75 teen girls annually in all aspects of outreach, radio production and programming. Outcomes of this innovative model include: 100% of participants graduate high school and are accepted into college, they receive professional level on-air personality experience along with industry standard training in all
aspects of broadcast technology, 80% report increased self esteem and self efficacy.


Our Journey

Established in 2003, GRLZradio was founded in response to the media’s hyper-sexual depiction of women and the negative impact of community violence on teens in the Boston area. After expressing
their concerns to a mentor, a small group of local young women from the Dorchester area, were given the opportunity to bring these issues before former mayor, Thomas Menino. Their goal was to create media that portrayed women in a positive and respectful manner. With the support of Mayor Menino, and the backing of several community leaders, GRLZradio was created. This legacy continues to live on, as we strive every day to ensure that the voices of teen girls are heard and respected.

St. Mary’s Center

St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children offers innovative and family-centered programs for women and children who have experienced trauma and are living in poverty. Placing families at the center of our efforts, St. Mary’s Center works in partnership with young women, many of them mothers, to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty and achieve lasting, powerful change by building their emotional well-being, educational achievements and economic independence.