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Outreach Workshops

Broadcast Skills

  • Components of a Show (1 hour)
    • Identify and name the various components of GRLZradio webcast shows.

      Peer Leaders conducting a media literacy workshop

    • Assign research and parts for radio show
    • Record radio show on professional equipment

Media Literacy

  • Pop Culture of Violence (1 hour) Objectives:
    • Identify violent and nonviolent examples of pop culture
    • Name types of violence in popular culture and ways in which they influence people.
    • Create alternatives to violent images and stories in print and non-print media.
  • Lyrics/Images (1 hour) Objectives:
    • Identify positive and negative components of songs and imagery they listen to and see on a daily basis.
    • Critically think about messages in music, television and print media to create alternative solutions to negative messaging they receive.